Buffalo Panic

This ambient piece was performed using 4 Bohlen-Pierce instrument patches on the Roland HandSonic, with guitar effect boxes.

the home recording setup for this piece

It was recorded as 4 stereo tracks on the Zoom R8, then finalized in Audacity on an iMac.

Tajamby, steel guitar improvisation

This ambient piece employs 3 steel guitar parts: a bass+drone, a two-note baritone figure, and a melody line. The accompaniment is a tabla drum loop and road noise. The video was created with Magic editor.

Bohlen-Pierce fretboard by Andy DePaule

Tripolar Expedition

This algorithmic piece picks random notes from the Bohlen-Pierce scale for a soothing ambient effect. There are 17 iterations, each dropping the highest note from the remaining list.

Tripolar Expedition

Stacking 3rds

This short piece, titled “Providence”, contains overlapping Bohlen Pierce chords. Each note includes a harmony 439 cents (9/7) above and another 439 cents below. A pleasant effect with no real parallel in the 12-tone system.

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