BP on the Sonic Pi

Way back in 1991, I produced an album of algorithmic music. It has recently been re-released by Fixture Records.  Renewed interest in the project sent me on a quest for a comparable modern programming environment, one that would also support BP compositions.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve found such a platform in a program called Sonic Pi.  Originally written for the Raspberry Pi miniature computer, the program is now also available for Mac OS X and Windows.  My first quick attempt at producing BP tones was incredibly easy.  I’m very excited at the possibilities here.

Here is a screen shot of the program, followed by an MP3 of the sounds it produced.

Sonic Pi

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  1. There is an error in the Sonic Pi code displayed above. The size of a tritave is 1902 cents, not 1702. The audio file is correct – it was generated after I changed 17.02 to 19.02.

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