Rehearsal Room

Developing Ruby code to drive antique synths with MIDI pitch bend messages.  This is a Roland D-110 coupled to a Roland U-110.  Each MIDI channel can only play one note because MIDI pitch bend affects the whole channel.  The audio track is monotonous, but useful for ringing out the instruments.



  1. Hi Mike. There’s a little USB Midi gadget that connects my computer to the D-110. I take the Midi Thru output from there to the U-110. The audio from both synths goes into the mixer, and the Tape Out jacks run from there to the Zoom recorder.

    Since pitch bend affects all of the notes in a channel, I can only play one Bohlen-Pierce note in each Midi channel. The U-110 is handling channels 1-6. The D-110 is handling channels 7-12, plus percussion on channel 15.

    If you want to decipher exactly what’s going on musically, read the Ruby file rehearse.rb on the TechAcademy Github page. This isn’t really a composition – it’s just putting some repetitive phrases in each channel to test the underlying classes and the hardware.

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