8 String Lap Steel


I usually tune my steel guitars to D6 with G bass (G B D F# A B D F#). The Bohlen-Pierce tuning below uses the same string gauges with a BP fretboard designed by Andy DePaule.  I simply place the fretboard over the standard one and retune to play in BP.

If you use a Peterson Strobe HD tuner, you can install the BP tuning table from the “Uncategorized” list at petersontuners.com/sweeteners/shared.  That’s a lot easier than eyeballing the cents numbers on a traditional electronic tuner.

BP note 12 EDO Tuning
H F -39
G Eb +14
F C +22
Db Ab -17
C Gb +37
A D -2
H Bb -41
F F +20



Here’s some ambient music played on it:

“Blessed Peace”

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